Jaco Beach has an incredibly diverse offering of both local and international cuisines, budget-friendly and fine dining, and everything in between.

Here is a list of Jaco restaurants we enjoy:

Pizza Restaurants

El Rioasis

If you are driving by the restaurant on the north end of the main strip, you’ll want to check the daily deals. Dine-in, carry out or delivery.

Pizza Pata

A favorite with the locals, and the best price on pizza in town.

Infierno Wood Fired Pizza and Grill

You can make your own pizza here at this popular pizza and Italian restaurant


This sit-down Italian restaurant has great pizzas, a variety of pasta, as well as other Italian offerings.

The Pizza Shop

A bustling pizza shop right on Jaco’s main drag. Offers pizzas, slices to go, and a free “chiliguaro” shot.

Typical Costa Rican Food Restaurants

Soda Garabito

This tiny restaurant offers very traditional Costa Rican cuisine- especially lunch, which is the main meal.


Another traditional Cost Rican restaurant- this is one of the most popular with locals

Pachi’s Pan

A delicious bread store right off the main strip, this bakery has been in Jaco for over 25 years- and for good reason. Try their sweet bread, or pick up a fresh warm baguette for breakfast

Isaga Bar

This tiny restaurant offers traditional Costa Rican cuisine and rock-bottom prices

Soda Marea Baja

This tiny restaurant with a sliver of an ocean view often fills up at lunch- that’s because the locals know where to go!

International Cuisine


Located in the popular Jaco Walk complex, this restaurant has locations throughout the country as it is immensely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Tsunami Sushi

Arguably the best sushi in Costa Rica. Runs Wednesday and Friday specials.


Fresh seafood right on the beach.

Ohana Sushi

Locally owned and operated sushi restaurant on the main strip.

Sushi At Home

Fusion sushi with air conditioning.


Fresh seafood restaurant right on the beach.

El Point

Jaco Beach is a top lunch or dinner spot if you’ve been surfing the reefs or sandbank waves at the south end of the playa. It has alfresco seats on the sand with a menu that runs the gamut from fried octopus to pub burgers. Good cocktails too.

Chinita Pacifica

Sole properties makes a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes each day- when she’s out, she’s out so get there early.

Aloha Beach Front Bar

A variety of local and international cuisine, great beer prices, and occasional dancing and karaoke. Right on the beach.

Vida Hermosa (Playa Hermosa)

Extensive cocktail menu- breakfast, lunch, dinner. Gorgeous view and is highly recommended.

American Cuisine

Sunrise Breakfast

Offering traditional American breakfasts at a great price since 2000, this restaurant also offers pizza and a dinner menu in the evening.

Patisserie Manon

Patisserie Manon is located in the center of Jaco just about 50 meters south from Mas por Menos.  Be sure to check them out the next time you are in town

Paddlefish Brewery

Serving fresh pub fare, beers on tap and a variety of cocktails.

The Green Room

Arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Jaco, this restaurant serves kombucha, vegan and vegetarian fare. Live music every night.

Fine Dining

Grafitti Restro Cafe and Wine Bar

It’s best to make reservations during the high season at this seafood/steak cafe.

Zona K

Fine dining, cakes made to order, and private chef catering are available here.


International cuisine was created by the chefs of the Lemon family- Chefs Richard and Nellie.

Want to just stay home and have your food prepared for you? We recommend the following private chefs:

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