Many people ask about the weather in Costa Rica. Which is the best time to visit Casa Overlook? This page will take you through some of the most commonly asked questions about the weather in Jaco, and give you month by month guide to the weather.

Costa Rica weather is typically described as having two seasons.  The wet and dry seasons.  But that does not describe the amazing weather in Costa Rica and the beauty of each season. So what is the rainy season like?

Popup day storms that can last an hour, and nightly rain showers. The flowers and trees are amazing during this time!

The dry season of course has much less precipitation but can still provide cooling rains and amazing rainbows and sunsets.

Frequently Asked Weather Questions

  1. What is the average temperature in Jaco?

You will find nights no chillier than 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and days generally no hotter than 85 degrees.

2. Do the nights get chilly in Jaco?

Not really. Maybe a bit before sunrise you can have temperatures in the very high 60s, but that is rare. You will not need a light jacket in Jaco at night.

3. Does it rain a lot in Jaco?

Like most parts of Costa Rica, the rainy season can bring a lot of precipitation. However, rain generally does not last all day, usually comes in the afternoons and evenings, and generally does not fall multiple days in a row.

4. Is it very hot in Jaco?

The average daily temperature is 85 degrees with high humidity. In some of the more humid rainy months, if there isn’t much of a breeze, Jaco can feel hot and muggy. That’s when most people spend days at the beach near the ocean breeze, or in the pool.

5. The weather forecast says the same thing for my whole trip- is the temperature really never going to change?

This is a very frequently asked question. While the climate is generally temperate, many of the weather forecasts on cell phones take into consideration the entire country of Costa Rica as it is so small. So take what you see on your cell phone with a grain of salt.

Which weather site is most accurate for Jaco Beach?

I would use the local weather site, although in Spanish. You will be able to tell the symbols easily, and the temperatures at the right are universal.

You can find the site here.

6. When is hurricane season in Jaco, Costa Rica?

Hurricane season is generally in October and November, but does not greatly affect Jaco Beach because of it’s location on the Pacific Ocean.

Weather By Month


January is high summer in Jaco, with temperatures in the 80s and a perfect breezes off the ocean. January is also a time when many Costa Ricans have time off of work, and it’s the end of summer break for school children. That’s because the weather is perfect. Expect slightly higher accommodation rates during the month of January.


February is back to school time for Costa Rican children, but still high season as the weather is perfect summer, just like January.


March typically brings a bit more rain to Jaco Beach, but mostly short bursts or evening showers. Not weather related, but be on the lookout for Easter week as this is a popular time for Costa Ricans to head to the beach and accommodations fill up very quickly.


April is the last true month of summer, but temps will still hover in the mid 80s and rain is intermittent at best.


May is the first week of Costa Rican winter, or rainy season. Due to global warming, May is becoming less and less rainy, so you may expect some light rain in the day and evening, but few downpours.


June is a fairly rainy month in Costa Rica, and temperatures tend to rise a few degrees. It feels a bit hotter in June due to the higher humidity before the rain showers.


July is traditionally known as a rainy month, however, the second and third weeks of July can be divine as the Saint Lucia winds blow in and cut the humidity down.


August previews peak rainy season, with intermittent afternoon and evening rain showers that can be quite heavy. Plan for post-lunch rain showers- the perfect time to take a nap.


September enters true rainy season, with intermittent heavy downpours in the afternoons.


October weather is very similar to September.


November is the rainest month in Costa Rica as it is part of the hurricane season- be ready for some wet adventures if you travel to Jaco in November.


December is the first month of summer, with gorgeous temperatures, light winds, and lots of Costa Ricans travelling as children are on summer break.

The bottom line on Jaco Weather

Come to Jaco anytime- the weather, while it can be unpredictable, it is also warm no matter what! Casa Overlook is the perfect place to enjoy the hot sun with a beach view from your private pool, and a spacious house to enjoy when the rain comes.

Book Casa Overlook now!

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